[Ardour-Dev] Original Ardour Manual

David Bolton davidkbolton at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 10:18:58 PDT 2013

Does anyone on the list have access to the Ardour Manual before it was
converted to its current HTML form at http://manual.ardour.org/ ?

I have been helping copy edit the manual over the past couple weeks, and it
has become apparent that the original page order was lost at some point
(and converted to alphabetical order). The simplest example (and the
easiest to correct) are the pages for the Editor Lists (which appear in
alpha order instead of matching the GUI)

Many of the other sections had a logical order at one point, but it is
difficult to reconstruct (it involves reading each page carefully, and
noticing when pages refer to earlier pages in the collection, etc.). If the
original manual still exists, it would speed these process up considerably.

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