[Ardour-Dev] Design extraction project for Ardour

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Thu Sep 13 09:09:34 PDT 2012

Dear Ardour Developers:

My name is Anthony Schmieder. I am a CS grad student at U. Waterloo in Canada and I am enrolled in a software architecture course this term. The course focuses on extraction of designs from existing software systems. The main deliverable from each student is a term project that is somehow related to design extraction. I will use Ardour for my project.

I'm writing to ask whether there is something I could do that would be a useful contribution for the Ardour development team. My initial idea was to examine the evolution of Ardour's architecture over time. Another possibility is to extract the architecture of a system or subsystem, redesign it, and implement the new architecture. A further option is to develop a new architecture extraction tool (this would not be Ardour specific, but I would still use Ardour as a test case). Any project idea is subject to approval by the instructor.

Even if the work is not directly useful in Ardour, it is an excellent opportunity for me to familiarize myself with the code.


Anthony Schmieder
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