[Ardour-Dev] Proposition of a Doc Sprint Summit project, involving Ardour

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Wed Oct 24 19:18:08 PDT 2012

On 10/24/2012 06:40 PM, Jehan Pagès wrote:
> Hi,
> [this is a near copy of an email I sent to GIMP and Blender ml as
> well. Pardon the spam, if you think it is]
> I discovered recently, through a message on another mailing list, the
> Doc Sprint Summit organized by Google:
> https://sites.google.com/site/docsprintsummitv2/home
> Basically I am thinking on proposing a project, involving Ardour.
> Precisely I would like to propose to work on documentation for a whole
> workflow to create an animation using only Free Softwares. This could
> involve GIMP for drawing/editing, Blender as Sequence editor, Ardour
> as audio workstation, but also other more generic tools like (for
> instance) svn or git with any adaptation to deal with binary/graphical
> files better, etc. The goal is not to produce a detailed documentation
> on 1 software, but on the whole workflow. Each of these FLOSS programs
> has already detailed documentation. But I think that a documentation
> more globale giving direction to have all these "flow" together would
> be a great plus.
> For instance, what is the best way to generate frames from GIMP xcf
> files into a video sequence in Blender? How to sync audio and video
> sequence in Blender and Ardour through Jack? And what about doing it
> through Ardour + xjadeo (as someone told me on the GIMP dev ml)?
> Basically that's not only specific software. We are happy to see
> people proposing all the alternatives like using Cinerella for
> sequence editor, mypaint for drawing, or even Inkscape for vectorial
> animation, etc. Actually giving choices is better, as the goal is to
> have a reference documentation to work together with various programs,
> not to promote a specific program only, through the whole workflow:
> drawing, sequence, compositing, render, audio, subtitle, and anything
> to link them.

Daniel James (from 64studio fame) has written a book called "crafting
digital media" that pretty much covers all of the above and more. Alas
it's not free:

You may also like http://www.digitalartistshandbook.org/?q=node/17

That being said, a new FLOSS-manual for Ardour3 would be great!


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