[Ardour-Dev] I have question before I report as a bug

Dominic Kaiser dominic at theriversouth.org
Sat Jun 9 08:56:24 PDT 2012

Testing Ardour 3 beta4a on ubuntu 12.04 64bit

Two things I notice and wondering mabey If am doing something wrong.  I am
trying to use the export stems function.  It seems to work and export all
audio I have selected.  When I go to the folder I have exported the wav
files are there and named properly.  When I play the files one by one there
is no audio in them they are blank like a track has been muted or not
configured properly.  I have done both correctly I believe.  Recorded 24bit
96khz wav files.  Exporting same.  Is the Export Stems function affected by
muting or input output config?  It might be a bug just want to make sure.


Dominic Kaiser
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