[Ardour-Dev] Hello, some tech talk, etc.

Razvan Cojocaru razvanco at gmx.net
Tue Jul 3 10:42:34 PDT 2012

> 1) recursive mutexes are not acceptable. google around for decades-old
> criticisms and the story of how they came to be part of pthreads. 

Yes, I am quite aware of that, thank you.

My point is that _if_ there's a deadlock issue (which does produce
undefined behaviour), there are two choices: A) switch to recursive
mutexes and be done with it (small performance hit, the other caveats,
and all), or B) try to guess how GTK+ behaves now and will behave in the
future and be purists about it.

I'm more of a pragmatist about these issues, but you've certainly the
right to set the project standards, and I respect your decisions.

> 2) the zoom bug is almost certainly caused by memory corruption
> somewhere in libart_lpgl and/or libgnomecanvas. many hours have been
> spent on it, to no avail. post-3.0 we will be switching to a different
> canvas and the problem will either go away or manifest in a more obvious
> way, 

Very possible. When there's a "double free" type of crash, the backtrace
is often irrelevant.

Actually, quite interesting, I could not reproduce one of the zoom bugs
at all (the one where you just need to zoom in and out and eventually it
will crash). I did, and can always reproduce the one about zooming into
a new, empty tape track.

You see, this is what I was asking about on IRC: having some sort of
system for requesting to work on a bug would have helped me not to go
digging where those more knowledgeable of the project have spent time
and decided it's not something to dig into (at least for the moment).

Thank you for the reply,

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