[Ardour-Dev] A couple of ideas (mostly sequencer)

Cedric Sodhi manday at gmx.net
Tue Jan 10 04:28:46 PST 2012


as for the interface, perhaps I'm stating the obvious and no one
actually opposes the following idea:

The GIMP has a really well working docking system, I imagine something
similar for ardour, even much simpler.

The first step would be to allow to permanently close, not only undock
the control elements which can currently be undocked with that little
arrow in the top-right-corner. They should all be accessible through the
"Windows" Menu, where they can be ticked and unticked.

This, in conjuction with the already existing "fixed" docking should be
little effort and already offer the flexibility to completely disable
what one does not need.

Second, there should be a little more flexibility for the toolbars,
which currently limit the minimimum size to which the window can be
shrunk. I think we all agree that it would be better if the UI was
flexibile enough to adapt to any reasonable window size.

Elements can currently be disabled, partly, but that is a rather rigid
and awkward workarround. Instead, why not simply make the whole area
beween menu and main area a vbox, in which elements wrap (by groups)
arround and can optionally be undocked or completely hidden, as by step

My opinion on the WIP of sequencer: Controller data should be offered in
separate timeline below the piano roll, as it is standard with other
sequencers (RG,qTractor,LMMS, etc).

A specific controller channel may be picked, globally or per track, to
be represented by color of the notes. Perhaps two, as by hue and

I think double clicking should play a bigger role in ardour, generally.
Example: Double clicking a region of a midi track could take one into
the region to edit the notes. The notion of a "Edit notes" tools is
superflous, imho, assuming that one already knows in which region he
wants to edit notes.

More is likely to follow. (I'm on IRC, if you would like to critizise my
ideas there)


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