[Ardour-Dev] scripting ardour??

Arno Waschk hamamatsu at gmx.de
Tue Feb 14 07:10:50 PST 2012

dear list,

does ardour have something like an interface for scripts, or the like...?

what i would be happy to use is the ability to create a little program 
script or the like, which can say to ardour like

"now start at 3:12 in session A.ardour, wait for 52 seconds, then start 
in addition B.ardour from 4:52, while A keeps running, then wait for 
some seconds, then start C.ardour from beginning, wait for 6 seconds, 
then stop A.ardour while B and C keep running...."

is anything like this (yet) possible?

yours, arno

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