[Ardour-Dev] drums, UI and more

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 06:15:44 PST 2012


Following the announcement of DrMr in LAD...

The latest beta of A3 got a combo box for choosing an instrument. Do
you think it would be reasonable to be able to choose an instrument's
preset in that very dialog? So if I add a new MIDI track and I chose
DrMr, I'd be able to pick the right drumkit from ground up, without
going for the full dialog. Same for virtual synths. Or would it only
complicate things?

The other thing is that selecting and drawing notes in percussion mode
looks and feels weird. When drawing, the mouse pointer should snap to
lines in this mode where it positions diamond-shaped notes. Instead it
snaps to content of beats and highlights the respective rectangular
areas. When selecting it only uses the right mouse pointer within a
certain range of notes. Around C5 it starts using the mouse pointer
for area selection even if you hover it exactly above diamond-shaped

And the final thing is that maybe we could strip the "new session"
wizard a bit? Right now choosing new/existing session is a separate
wizard page. Do you think it's make sense to merged the next page into
the bottom of it? That is, if I choose an existing session, I get the
list of recent sessions on the same page.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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