[Ardour-Dev] Why does Ardour choose gtkmm?

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Dear Paul:
  Thank you very much! Even I couldn't understand the each words you answer me because of my poor ability --!, but I'll try my best to take effort in this domain... 

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> > Hello everyone:
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> > I'm a newbie, and I would like to learn programming in Linux in the next few years. As far I can see, Qt lib is more effective and powerful than Gtk lib. So, I just wandering why did we use gtkmm to develop its UI, not Qt?
> 1) Qt did not use to use any of the classes and templates available in
> the STL even though they are a more effective and more sophisticated
> solution to the problems that Qt's "moc" processor tries to solve.
> 2) I prefer a GUI toolkit that tries to be a GUI toolkit and not a
> solution to any and all programming requirements. Qt wants to be your
> library for everything. gtkmm wants to be your GUI toolkit.
> 3) Qt is NOT more powerful or more effective than gtkmm in the domains
> that gtkmm addresses.
> since Ardour was started, Qt has begun to use more of the STL but they
> continue to rely on their own pre-processor which adds nothing to Qt's
> capabilities and continues to suggest to me a failure to understand
> C++'s full potential.
> --p

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