[Ardour-Dev] Building A3 on Fedora14

Valerio Orlandini valerio.orlandini at gmx.com
Sun Mar 6 03:02:41 PST 2011

On Ubuntu 10.10 and Arch Linux I manage to build Ardour 3 without issues

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 Hello, I try to build Ardour3 SVN on Fedora14. Jack is version waf tells me this: Checking for new jack_port_type_get_buffer_size : missing - a version of JACK that supports jack_port_type_get_buffer_size() is required to compile Ardour3 I fetched the SVN from jackmp but this would not build ALSA-Support on f14 !!ALSA Version !!------------ Driver version: 1.0.21 Library version: 1.0.24 Utilities version: 1.0.23 Now I am stuck. Has anyone a recommendation for a distro recent enough to build ardour3? It would not be a problem for me to install a system for exactly this purpose so any moderately easy to install system would be fine. It should also be possible to install a RT-kernel for that distro from a package made for that distro. _______________________________________________ ardour-dev mailing list ardour-dev at lists.ardour.org http://lists.ardour.org/listinfo.cgi/ardour-dev-ardour.org
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