[Ardour-Dev] Problem when ./waf configure

Fábio Magnoni fabiohmagnoni at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 16:45:23 PDT 2011


I've just start to code for the project and I have the first problem, when I
enter ./waf configure shows this msg:
Checking for new JACK latency API                    : missing - a version
of JACK that supports jack_port_set_latency_range() is required to compile

I tried installing libjack-jackd2-dev, libjack-dev, jackd2, jackd1, jackd2
and none worked.

What can I do?


Fábio Réa
Eng. de Computação - PUC-Campinas

Wiki-keeper Ubuntu-BR-SP

Eu prefiro receber documentos em ODF. Não sabe o que é? -> http://miud.in/V1
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