[Ardour-Dev] OT: Guitarix on OSX

Chris Share cpsmusic at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 17:38:24 PDT 2011


Apologies for this off-topic post, however I'm hoping that someone on this list will be able to help me with a problem I'm having with Guitarix (http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/) on OSX.

Guitarix is a linux app which I've managed to get to build on OSX. However, the app's GUI is very unresponsive (lots of spodding for seconds at a time). Guitarix is real-time and multithreaded. I recall reading somewhere that Ardour faced GTK thread-related problems that were fixed by patching GTK-OSX (something to do with idling I think).

Would it be worth patching my current GTK-OSX build with the Ardour patch to see if this fixes the problem? Any other thoughts on why the Guitarix GUI is so unresponsive?


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