[Ardour-Dev] ARDOUR::IO::ensure_limits()

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 09:39:01 PDT 2011

Hi Paul,

While running some tests in Mixbus recently I came across a couple of my Ardour sessions that wouldn't load with Mixbus (although they load successfully with Ardour).  I haven't completely tracked the problem down yet but it seems to have something to do with setting up the output ports and I'm pretty sure that function ARDOUR::IO::ensure_outputs() is at least partly to blame.  In 'libs/ardour/io.cc' there are a couple of calls that look something like this:-

      if (ensure_outputs (limit, false, false, src)) {
            return -1;

but AFAICT ensure_outputs() always returns zero.  Could you possibly take a look at that function and let me know if it's doing what it's supposed to do?


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