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Nando nandinga at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 20:17:01 PST 2011

> What are your plans for february, Nando?
Let's say I'll have a lot more time than I have today ;p ...so I would like
to contribute a bit to the MIDI implementation. There's a lot that has been
done, and there's a lot to do! Also, it's a nicer way to gain experience
than working on my own. What about you?

git clone git at github.com:cth103/ardour-dev-manual.git isn't accessible for
> me
> -> Permission denied (publickey).
I think github uses a key pair to authenticate its users, right? guess you
need to have a github account and have your public key registered by them.
...I'll let that for february ;p

Happy new year people!! and congrats for the fine work in Ardour!!
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