[Ardour-Dev] a3: Normalise

Sakari Bergen sakari.bergen at tkk.fi
Mon Nov 1 07:59:45 PDT 2010

On 01.11.2010 14:43, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> On Fri, October 29, 2010 3:10 pm, Sakari Bergen wrote:
>>    Hi,
>> The export normalize ony adjusts the overall volume, so that the peak
>> value is as high as possible without clipping. Any other effect is
>> probably due to psychoacoustic phenomena (e.g. equal-loudness curves),
>> or some non-linearities in your playback chain.
> I was working with this in mind so I exported a couple of mixes. You can
> really hear the difference in these two files.
> The first is with the normalise enabled.
> http://djcj.org/audio/kotau/abundance/Abundance-Ambient-Psy-Trance-DJ_Kotau_Session_2010-10-31.flac
> http://djcj.org/audio/kotau/abundance/Abundance-Ambient-Psy-Trance-DJ_Kotau_Session_2010-11-01.flac
> I will stop using that feature for now as it is affecting the levels too
> much for my liking.

I challenge you to import these two files into Ardour (onto two tracks) 
and invert the phase of the other track to hear the difference between 
the files. By adjusting the level of one track about 1.5 dB, the tracks 
should cancel each other out. It will be hard to hit the exact right 
level for total cancellation, but you should notice, that nothing stands 
out from the difference signal.

Br, Sakari

>> -Sakari-
>> On 28.10.2010 04:32, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> How does the normalise function work in ardour3 exporter?
>>> I have noticed it made some decisions on the levels of some of my tracks
>>> that affected the overall mixdown. Particularly the vocal tracks seem to
>>> have been affected by lowering the volume or maybe the other tracks have
>>> been boosted?
>>> Cheers.
>> --
>> Sakari Bergen
>> 050 3754859

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