[Ardour-Dev] Some thoughts on master waveform display

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Nov 2 20:40:25 PDT 2010


While working with the latest a3 I have had some further thoughts on the
possibility of a master waveform display.

1: We already know the peak levels of the master track as they are
computed for the mixer meters.
2: We already know when the peak levels are over 0db as that is also
computed and displayed in the peak level button for the master track.

My idea is to draw a simple line with gradiated colors based on the mixer
level colors for the master track.

This feature would help to visually isolate sections which peak over 0db.
This data is already computed during playback so it is only the line that
needs to be drawn/stored either in memory or on disk. It will not require
any additional overhead to compute the actual peak values. This operation
should be inexpensive in terms of cpu and memory resources.


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

"ZPE is not about creating something from nothing: It is about using the
zero point of a wave as a means to transform other forms of potential
energy like magnetic flux, heat, or particle spin into usable energy in
such a way that entropy appears to be reversed."

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