[Ardour-Dev] Lost keyboard focus on plugins ui on ardour 2.0 r7207

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 16:25:19 PDT 2010

Sorry, I didn't saw your last commits.
Tomorrow I'll test them in the named platforms and send the results.


El 06/08/2010 01:08 AM, Natanael Olaiz escribió:
> El 06/07/2010 08:55 PM, Paul Davis escribió:
>> Natanael and Pau - are you both discussing OS X or Linux?
> We are both talking about Linux. Ubuntu (Lucid and Karmic) and Gentoo 
> (Gnome and KDE), all compiled from SVN. The plugins are LADSPA.
> Reverting the line all work again.
> Can we do something to help in debug this issue? It looks to be 
> reproducible, at least in Linux with LADSPA plugins...
> Best regards,
> Natanael.

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