[Ardour-Dev] visualization of clipping

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org
Wed Jul 21 03:10:19 PDT 2010

I have this clipped file in wav 16 bits (which i've created by boosting
the volume in sox over range and then converting to 16 bits.)
wget http://parumi.org/misc/should_clip_16.wav
sndfile-info says "Signal Max  : 32768 (0.00 dB)"

However when importing the file in ardour i can see only clipping in the
negative values (red marks are only in the bottom of the waveform) when
i expect see clipping in the positive range too:

I've tried other ways, apart from sox, to produce clipped visualizations
without success.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour (and i'm loosing something)?


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