[Ardour-Dev] config wizard [was : Re: video timeline patch testing]

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Jul 18 03:06:53 PDT 2010

On 07/18/2010 11:09 AM, Robin Gareus wrote:
> On 07/18/2010 06:01 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> On 07/18/2010 01:36 PM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>> On 07/18/2010 03:02 AM, Robin Gareus wrote:
>>>> On 07/17/2010 01:43 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>>>> On 07/17/2010 09:35 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>>>>> On 07/17/2010 09:14 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>>>>>>> On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 6:49 PM, Patrick Shirkey
>>>>>>>> <pshirkey at boosthardware.com>   wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>>> With the latest a3 I am finding that everytime I start I am being
>>>>>>>>> asked to
>>>>>>>>> go through the wizard process.
>>>>>>>>> I am also not presented with a list of previous sessions to work
>>>>>>>>> from.
>>>>>>>>> Is this a known issue?
>>>>>>>> no. it should write a file called .a3 into ~/.config/ardour3 and
>>>>>>>> won't
>>>>>>>> enter the wizard after that
>>>>>>> I see the file in the correct location but there is nothing in it.
>>>>>> Hmm, I was unable to close a session correctly but killing it with
>>>>>> ctrl+c has resulted in a .a3 file being written at last.
>>>>>> I can now see the option to choose an existing session. I am seeing
>>>>>> ardour stall while loading the other sessions which I have just
>>>>>> created so I am only working with new ones each time now. I have not
>>>>>> tested with older sessions so these results are only from sessions
>>>>>> created in the past 24 hours.
>>>>> A bit more usability testing.
>>>>> 1: open session, a3 hang, force close session = no config saved. empty
>>>>> .a3 file
>>>>> 2: open session, do something, close, hang = as above
>>>>> 3: open session do something force close (ctrl+c) = .a3 file saved
>>>>> correctly
>>>>> 4: open session, attempt to load existing session = hang
>>>>> 5: open session, attempt to create new session with same name as old
>>>>> session, dialog asking to load exisiting session = hang
>>>>> Not sure if you are aware of these items but posted here for your
>>>>> reference.
>>>> I can not reproduce any of these.
>>>> Is this the videotimline branch?
>>> Yes.
>>>> Please try to reproduce it with vanilla
>>>> ardour3.
>>>> I've also noticed that if header-files are changed ./waf not always
>>>> re-compiles all necessary objects. I had a couple of unexplainable
>>>> segfaults and also hangs which went away after a ./waf clean&&  ./waf
>>> Done that, will let you know if it continues.
>>> I'm seeing other strange stuff now.
>>> After the clean and build I could open ardour and get the ui up. After
>>> adding opening a video and choosing the transcode option for testing
>>> purposes nothing seemed to happen. So I closed ardour with
>>> file->close  menuitem and then had to ctrl+c to get it to actually quit.
>>> Now when I try to start a new session I get the setup wizard for the
>>> audio device settings and session name ok but when I apply the
>>> settings to load the ui it stalls at the following line in the terminal:
>>> MIDI port buffers = 32716
>>> MIDI UI running
>>> Basically I am not doing anything particularly challenging at this
>>> point but when ardour crashes for me I am unable to get it to run again.
>>> I have rebooted, tried with a different audio card and still the same
>>> issue.
>> Hmmm, I am seeing the same behaviour - stalling at MIDI UI running when
>> using a3 vanilla.
> Well good, because I can not explain this behaviour with the VTL code.
> and bad.. Could you start ardour under gdb with
>   ./ardbg
>   (gdb) run
> # do stuff until it hangs
>   (gdb) bt
> # see where it hangs - or send the backtrace it prints

Addendum: Don't run JACK in realtime-mode when starting ardour in gdb.
I usually use a dummy jackd for doing so:

  jackd -t 600000 -r -n debug -d dummy  # (jackdmp 1.9.6)

  JACK_DEFAULT_SERVER=debug ./ardbg

Depending on your gdb config, you many need to use
 "thread apply all bt" instead of just "bt"

More details: http://ardour.org/debugging_ardour

> TIA,
> robin
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