[Ardour-Dev] [Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.8.5 released

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 09:57:52 PST 2010

> Thorsten Wilms wrote:
>> Whether or not Ardour can stand its ground in a direct comparison to one
>> of the mentioned apps is very much open to debate (there are whole
>> blocks of functionality present there that Ardour doesn't have, but it
>> depends on the use case and personal workflow in how far that matters).
>> But the scrolling text starts with "Some indicative pricing ..."
>> It says nothing like: Ardour is as good as Nuendo. It's just a list of
>> prices offered to provide context.
>> Your lack of understanding is really hurtful in my perception. You
>> should be more careful with terms like "shady".

The guy can hardly write English well; his words shouldn't be taken
literally. In the same way, he probably can't differenciate a "direct
comparison" from an "indicative reference".


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