[Ardour-Dev] OMF import now in svn, sort of.

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Feb 10 14:35:18 PST 2010

Thanks to Hannes Reul, who developed code for Reaper under a BSD-ish
license, I have just added the ability to import OMF sessions as
Ardour sessions. This needs testing and it also needs further
development. Right now, its not even very easy to run it because of
its use of the uninstalled version of libpbd ...


* it imports ONLY OMF2 files. OMF1 is not supported
* it will not identify audio files that Ardour cannot read (e.g.
embedded MP3 files) but no[ problematic errors result from this


cd tools/omf

(requirements: sqlite3, sndfile)


(ardour3 only)

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/ardour/build/default/lib/pbd ./omftool [ -v
version ] [ -r sample rate ] [ -n session name ] OMF2_session_file

this will create an ardour session whose name will based on the omf
file name OR the -n argument. it will be created in the current
working directory.


I don't have much time to spend on this myself. The basic stuff is all
there, I've been able to load at least a couple of test OMF sessions
from other DAWs and get audio from them. Someone needs to step up and
make this puppy their own. Bug fixes/integration with waf/usability
fixes/GUI ... its all yours for the taking. I may fix trivial errors,
but I need to get back to other things now that this is basically

Incidentally, this also provides a fairly good guide for how to create
an Ardour session from scratch, should anyone want to do this for
other "session" formats.


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