[Ardour-Dev] Czech translation - urgent update - delivery request - help me, please :-)

Pavel Fric pavelfric at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 8 10:43:54 PST 2010


I tried several times to reach Paul Davis via e-mail, but without success.

I would like to ask you to deliver the file with revised translation to him. Thanks for help.

Below my previous text, that I wrote for Paul Davis

"I think, that the file, that I provided almost 3/4 year ago and updated by me later wasn´t updated in source to Ardour. Did the e-mail reached you?

I attache this latest version of czech translation of Ardours GUI for you to do so.

Credits with my name aren´t correct: correctly Pavel Fric (not Frich or so)

You could merge the with current and send it to me to complete translation of possibly untranslated new strings. (my attempt for merging with another Ardours translation file (german or french translation) wasn´t very good, because many items in main menus appeared untranslated, even if translated)."

Greetings, Pavel Fric

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