[Ardour-Dev] ARDOUR::AutomationList and the StateChanged signal

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Apr 21 02:07:34 PDT 2010

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From: "Carl Hetherington" <lists at carlh.net>
> If all else fails it might be worth building your code (or as close as
> possible) on Linux and running under valgrind.
Thanks for the suggestion Carl.  I'll keep that in mind.  As close as I can
tell, the problem seems to be something to do with an object (most likely an
STL list) becoming empty / or having something deleted from it / or being
invalidated somehow (e.g. going out of scope) whilst an iterator is still
being used on it.  Is that the kind of problem that valgrind might help me


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