[Ardour-Dev] lost midi automations...

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 01:02:38 PDT 2009

Thanks Jörn and Stuart for your replies.

Stuart: unfortunately, the patch doesn't work for me :(

I'll try to take a look at the code to see if I can found some 
solution/workaround that at least work for me... I've some big sessions 
with a lot of midi controllers that I don't want to reassign every time :-/

Best regards,

El 09/03/2009 02:19 AM, Stuart Allen escribió:
> Look at bug 2655 in issue tracker. I was having the same problem and 
> made a patch that fixed it for me. I'm not sure it is a great fix from 
> an MVC code separation point of view, but it does solve the problem 
> (which was the controls never being added to the session after they 
> were created).
> Stuart
> 2009/9/3 Natanael Olaiz <nolaiz at gmail.com <mailto:nolaiz at gmail.com>>
>     Hi,
>     I want to ask... Every time that I assign midi controllers to
>     plugins automations in Ardour 2.8 (SVN), them works until I quit
>     ardour. Then, the next time I open the session it show a message
>     like this:
>       [WARNING]: Generic MIDI control: controllable 245 not found in
>       session (ignored)
>     ...and I have to reassign every controller to get them working
>     again :-/
>     Any idea? Maybe I'm missing some configuration parameter?
>     Thanks in advance.
>     Best regards,
>     Natanael.
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