[Ardour-Dev] ardour 3.0 first impressions

Nick Murtagh nickmurtagh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 03:07:40 PST 2009


I spent about 30 mins testing rev 6047 this morning. Overall -
awesome. So many improvements, I can't wait to start using this :D

Things I love

 - groups now have rec enable + gain! yay!
 - Track list showing rec state - brilliant

Not sure about

 - the new session panner. I thought it was a rendering glitch when
the session loaded up. I think it needs to be made a bit prettier?
Maybe a textual label? Should have a minimum height + width or it will
become difficult to drag on large sessions.

 - can't rename track in track listing sidebar - but I can rename an
edit group. inconsistent.

 - panic button - what does this do? maybe add a tooltip

 - fader, meter + main outs appearing in channel strip - what's the
idea here? double clicking on them does nothing.

 - "L" and "R" moving with the panners. I understand the idea behind
this (to keep the text from overlapping the panner line) but to me it
seems confusing to have "L" on the right and "R" on the left. maybe
leave the label centered?


 - the zoom buttons look a bit squished vertically - the top of the
icon is not visible

 - in fact that whole area looks a bit messy - try turning off a bunch
of the "rulers" and it gets ugly. maybe just add a third toolbar?

 - padding and control alignment in the preferences dialog could do
with a big of HIGification

 - font size seems different (larger) to 2.x. Would it be possible to
make ardour follow the (GNOME/KDE) desktop font preferences?

 - i like the new connection editor but maybe there could be a little
less padding on the rows + columns to make it a bit more space

Route Group list

 - rename "Route Groups" to Groups - or are there other kinds of
Groups in ardour3 that are exposed in the UI?

 - G, R, M, S etc should have description in a tooltip

Grid not working properly

 - I normally move the playback head by moving the mouse and pressing p

 - When set to Grid and Bars, playback head moves to the nearest bar
to the p of the cursor - should be the nearest bar to the cursor (or
at least that's what 2.x does)

 - When set to Grid and Beats, playback head is moved to the beat 3
beats to the right of the cursor?!

Crash on importing audio - didn't get a usable coredump though :(

Thanks for all the hard work that's gone into this!


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