[Ardour-Dev] SuperRapidScreenUpdates are neither rapid, nor super.

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Mar 7 10:10:14 PST 2009

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From: "Paul Davis"
Subject: Re: [Ardour-Dev] SuperRapidScreenUpdates are neither rapid, nor
> there is no point in ever trying to do screen updates faster than the
> monitor refresh rate, which is typically 60-80Hz. it was reduced to 80 and
> then 40 because in reality, film projection at 30FPS is indistinguishable
> to the human eye from continuous motion. the honest truth is that it could
> probably drop to 20 before anyone would even notice.
Yes, I agree entirely with your reasoning but anyone who's accustomed to
working with SMPTE would soon notice the jerky timecode at 20 updates per
second.  I'd say that somewhere between 25 and 30 should be considered

> none of those numbers are CPU meters john. your system undoubtedly has at
> least one system monitor utility that will include a CPU meter.
I've just taken a quick tour around my menus (64studio) but I couldn't find
anything resembling a performance monitor.  I've left a message on the
64studio forum to see if anyone can recommend something.

I don't know if this information is readily available Paul - but it would be
helpful if I could isolate whether the problem crept in during version 2.5
or slightly later, during 2.6 (I know it wasn't there in 2.4).  Would you
know (even roughly) what was the svn revision that corresponded to the last
version of 2.5 and the corresponding revision number for the last version of
2.6?  It's a long shot but it would be helpful if I could use svn revert to
home in on when the problem crept in.



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