[Ardour-Dev] more on 2.8.1 testing

Martin Blanchard tinram at orange.fr
Mon Jul 6 03:04:04 PDT 2009


Seems to be buggy for me. All my sessions containing a "-" in their name
are broken.

Dialog says "impossible to load Old-Blues.ardour" but log says
"Old_Blues.ardour does not exist"

I supposed ardour trys to load Old_Blues.ardour instead of

(Every other sessions are working just well ;)


Le samedi 04 juillet 2009 à 20:55 -0400, Paul Davis a écrit :
> 2.0-ongoing svn now contains some changes to handle dealing with a
> session whose name contains a "/". i believe that its relatively
> non-intrusive, but it is quite a significant change. i'd appreciate
> testing with wierd names,  including snapshots and all that. my own
> tests suggest that all is fine except for one detail that i won't fix
> (yet) - the name on the window title bar when you load the session a
> 2nd or later time is the "legalized" name, not the one with "/"  in
> it.
> note that this change applies to all other characters except a-z A-Z
> 0-0 _+= and space.
> --p
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