[Ardour-Dev] more on 2.8.1 testing

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Sun Jul 5 05:18:19 PDT 2009

Hi Paul,

I compiled revision 5322 on Ubuntu 9.04 (I had to install
libboost1.35-dev instead of libboost1.37-dev to make it compile). Here
is the result of a quick test (using slash and a,o,u-umlauts):

1. create snapshot, name "test1 / abc äöü" -> "[ERROR] state could not
be saved to /local/giso/ardour-2.0-ongoing/test20ongoing/test1 / abc.tmp"

2. create snapshot, name "äöü" -> nothing happens

3. create snapshot, name "abc äöü" -> only the "abc" appears in snapshot
list, all the rest seems to be ignored.

4. Entering invalid JACK parameters which cause jackd to fail is
reported correctly, but the entered file name is cleared (would be nice
to keep the already entered name)

(4) is not related and not a major issue.

Maybe I missed something to make your changes work?


Paul Davis wrote:
> 2.0-ongoing svn now contains some changes to handle dealing with a
> session whose name contains a "/". i believe that its relatively
> non-intrusive, but it is quite a significant change. i'd appreciate
> testing with wierd names,  including snapshots and all that. my own
> tests suggest that all is fine except for one detail that i won't fix
> (yet) - the name on the window title bar when you load the session a
> 2nd or later time is the "legalized" name, not the one with "/"  in
> it.
> note that this change applies to all other characters except a-z A-Z
> 0-0 _+= and space.
> --p
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