[Ardour-Dev] 2.8.1 now in svn

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Jul 4 11:42:00 PDT 2009

As far as I am concerned, current SVN as of rev 5322 represents what I
plan to release as 2.8.1 early next week. If anyone cares to do any
testing, please do so in the next 48hrs. The tentative change list is
below. This would also be a good time for any translators to play
catchup before release.



  * Route Templates
  * Built-in menu item to connect to #ardour on IRC via web browser
  * Insert Time action can now optionally move tempos & meter markers


  * sort playlist menus in a more agreeable way
  * sort ports correctly in many lists/menus
  * faster startup by using pre-rendered region names
  * implement panner reset functionality (missing since 0.99!)


  * fix crash when deleting AudioUnit plugins (Leopard/Cocoa GUI
  * fix crash when closing a session after displaying 1 or more plugin
  * fix AudioUnit input/output configuration cache handling for some
    plugins with "interesting" configurations.
  * switching into write automation mode doesn't reset gain levels
  * stop import dialog from resizing at various times
  * fix apparently-insensitive file selector in import dialog on OS X
  * fix serious error in Cleanup that could lead to data loss
  * fix details of file formats when exporting CD markers
  * fix marker bars, canvas and playhead getting out of sync with
  * fixes for some newer versions of gcc
  * don't bother to search for JACK server software if JACK is already
  * catch JACK shutdown and handle more safely
  * AudioUnit plugins can be turned off/bypassed and then turned back on


  * Swedish (Petter Sundlof)
  * French (Martin Blanchard)
  * Czech (Pavel Frich)

  Carl Hetherington, Nick Mainsbridge, Andreas Ruge, Ben Loftis

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