[Ardour-Dev] build system, libs, cmdline

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 02:12:51 PST 2009

>> working within the source tree was a pain for me
>>     - I update a file, then scons goes trough the configure process,
>>       walks the uptodate dirs, 1-2 minutes later gcc tells me
>>       that i have a semantic error, ... I felt asleep in the mean time
>>     - is there a way to work with scons that I don't know, except
>>       writting right code only ...
> scons has problems, it is true. it is focused on making sure that every
> build is reliably repeatable and is optimized for always doing complete
> builds. it is not so good at partial builds.
The big problem with scons is that it insists on checking for the existence
of installed libs & utilities every time you use it (even if it's only 30
seconds since the last time you used it).  Is there a way to make it more


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