[Ardour-Dev] Licensing and enforced payments

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 11:25:12 PST 2009

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From: "John Rigg"
> Agreed. Development relies on the feedback provided by
> people testing SVN. Charging people for providing that service
> seems like asking an employee to pay his employer.
But only if your SVN assumption is correct.  Back at the start of this
thread I did a rough & ready analysis of the bugs reported in December.
Of the 70 (ish) bugs reported, a very significant proportion were one-off
reports from people using the SAE or OS-X version.  Therefore, although
I can't be absolutely certain (there's no way to quantify the data) it's
very likely that these were found by users running a binary copy.  Believe
it or not, some of the reporters were even still running Version 0.99 !!

In fact, I only found around 8 'regular' testers (i.e. people who'd reported
3 bugs or more) and if paid-for SVN had been in place, no doubt all of them
would be covered by the exemption.

The bottom line is that any effect on bug testing is just speculation.
Mantis itself would still be free (to all) so I can't believe there'd be a
significant drop in one-off reports.  Time would be the only way to judge.


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