[Ardour-Dev] Licensing and enforced payments

Ben Loftis ben at glw.com
Thu Jan 22 08:35:00 PST 2009

Hello all,

I think adding any impediment to the developers of Ardour (i.e. paid-for 
SVN access) is a really bad idea.  Developers contribute by 
_developing_.  The value of their contribution is higher than cash, 
because code adds value to the program itself and this value compounds 
over time.  We want to make their lives as easy as possible.

I think the idea at the core of John's proposal  - packaging up 
"bleeding edge" releases for those users who want to get the 
latest&greatest - may be worthwhile.  Just be aware that everyone else 
is free to provide the same service if they wish.

The great thing about Free software is the *freedom*.  If you want to do 
something, just do it!  Those who feel wronged are free to 
retaliate/compete.  They also have the freedom NOT to!

These argument have been good because everyone had a chance to make 
their feelings known.  But now I think they are becoming fruitless.

Best Regards,
-Ben Loftis

P.S.  I am in favor of these ideas:

1)  a drive for increased support from Ardour users:
       Cash contributions
      "Made with Ardour" song contributions
      Example Session files
      Online howto's & documentation
      Evangelism on forums, etc.
2)  seeking gov't grants
3)  paid-for OSX & (eventually) Windows binaries from the Ardour site

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