[Ardour-Dev] Licensing and enforced payments

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Thu Jan 22 03:50:45 PST 2009

On Jan 22 18:25:48, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> >patrick, you are absolutely, totally missing the point. being obnoxious
> >to users and creating hassles for users for anything other that solid
> >technical reasons is totally not what open source is about (even if
> >those users use evil operating systems).
> >  
> It seems to me that what you really want to say is that making it 
> absolutely clear to people that use a binary version of an opensource 
> project that they are expected to contribute cash within the interface 
> is not acceptable.

(Would you stop putting words in people's mounts?
What on earth does your rephrase have to do with the original?)

> >>I think most rational people and busy developers will not be bothered to
> >>maintain a fork of Ardour just to make sure a License key for mac users
> >>and people who are unable to compile a binary isn't part of the system.
> >
> >repeat after me: there are *no* license keys in GPL'd software. not even
> >for (gasp!) mac users.
> >
> >  
> There are plenty of license keys being used in various projects. 

Not "various projects", Patrick, but "GPL'd software".
Name some if you can.

> Although I have so far only seen it on web based apps that doesn't make 
> it an impossibility for a GPL application.

Hm, "doesn't make it an impossibility". Apealling.

> There is absolutely no reason that Ardour cannot be a completely 
> integrated solution for the entire "business" of making audio with 
> Ardour.

Yes, Ardour can be a completely integrated solution for
making audio. What does licensing or any other non-technical
issue have to do with it?

> If there is a way to make money with Ardour while keeping the code open 
> sourced then it should be completely reasonable to discuss the options.

We have, and found it a nonsense.
Paul says it's not gonna happen.
Now let's just burry it.


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