[Ardour-Dev] Funding: Build and Sell Hardware

Hans Baier hansfbaier at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 21 00:07:25 PST 2009

> Lean mean ardour machine:
>   * Powerful small form factor motherboard in a silent custom case
>     running stripped down audio only Linux distro
>   * Flash based drives for high reliability under touring conditions
>   * High end ADAT card inside
>   * Optional bundled with high end ADAT able input interface, worthy
>     of studio owners attention
>   * Optional bundled with USB control surface, tested extensively in
>     the hardware environment.
>   * Streamlined work flow, enabling the user to fluently make a
>     recording, mix, master and burn Red Book master without the need
>     of another system

I really like the idea of selling 100%
linux-lowlatency-ardour-optimized machines:
We just put together the parts, take one of the Linux Audio distros,
customize them fully for the machine.
Offer several machine profiles (low cost, mid range, high end, laptop
/ portable).
Use stock hardware to put everything together.
For the user:
* no fiddling with hardware and software
* plug & go
Support the machines.


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