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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Tue Jan 20 11:19:08 PST 2009

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Олег Шаронов schrieb:
> Hello!
>Nowadays I think that only 5% of all the DAW users can rely only on microphone / audio input.
> Without MIDI & Synths Ardour area is very limited to studios that record classical music, jazz, one-man bands and so on.

5% is a bold estimation: listen to the radio, visit a record store - at
least 60% of the music that matters today is recorded whithout any
sequencer involved. You can record a modern Metal-Band and the most
meo-folk stuff independent etc Bands without any VST-FX let alone a VSTi.

> When recording a rock song for example, you need to have real drumset with mics and a drum player, guitar combos and so on.

Yes - you need that. I use to record stuff like this using Hydrogen,
Seq24 and Specimen but any real band I met objected aload if I
suggest(just for fun) to replace their drummer with a sequencer.
Music is in fact complicated - it is not easy and violins have a crummy
interface, hard to learn to play these badly designed 300-year-old
torture-machines. But so what: people are stubborn enough to still
prefer music made using such old-fashioned methods ;-)

> Most of those recording cases are not a low-budget, and using free GPL DAW not a real interest in those cases.

I can record any band in Linux with ardour, LADSPA, LV2 and equipment
for less than 1000 Euros - its  not easy though, it would not be wise to
make a metal-band actually pay for a recording made this way - at least
not a price that makes me earn more per h than I could get for cleaning
the floor in the teldex-studios ;-) But I can do it and in the end I can
deliver a CD as good as any studio using "standard-software" and
equipment for ten times the price...

> So, just to sum what I think Ardour needs to become really popular DAW:
> - MIDI

it would help, and it would be nice I admit but I do not really need it
as of now...

> - VSTi support

nice to have also but not needed and easily to abandon if it affects
stability or licensing or compatibility with a modern 64bit-environment.

> - VST getchunk/setchunk support for N.I. Kontakt & similar
> - VST GetTimeInfo support for Celemony Melodine & similar

You may find that important and maybe others do as well but I do not
even want to listen to recordings made using melodyne the way it is used
in 9/10 cases...

> - Latency compensation (I don't know if there is any)

This would be great indeed :-)

> - Clip realtime effects (what Cubase lacks)

?? you mean, to have FX-automation bound to a given region? (this one is
in 3.0 AFAIK...)

> - Score editor for printing MIDI parts.

nice to have but not important either - if I can export a single
MIDI-part to a generic file it can be printed professionally using
Lilypond or the like...

> I may seem biased towards VST

I guess, thats true - no offence ment and it is true also, that there is
indeed great VST-software out there. But I am happy not to be BOUND to
that software -  I can see, that it is great, but I do not NEED it. I do
very well without indeed and I guess, others could do as well...

 and again: no offence ment, your points are valid and sane but they do
not apply for everyone or even for as many cases you think...

 best regs
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