[Ardour-Dev] Website integration with Ardour interface

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Tue Jan 20 02:18:14 PST 2009

On Jan 20 01:13:24, Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> >  I strongly disagree that we should be asking the non contributing users to
> > open up a seperate browser when we can handle that for them internally. The
> > browser interface would connect directly to the ardour website and would not
> > be able to be used for standard browsing. We would not have to provide any
> > tool bars, buttons or nav bars if we did not want to.
> >
> > This does go against the Unix way but the point is to get to the non Unix
> > people who are now the majority userbase for Ardour.
> >
> It is not only that it goes against the Unix way of doing things, which I am
> not even sure I would necessarily agree with, but doesn't really matter.  It
> also goes against the purpose of a DAW in my opinion.  Let me put it another
> way, in what way would this benefit the workflow of using Ardour?  Because
> it can be a detriment to the eyes of many users, like I already stated.  And
> I can't see how it would benefit users or the use of Ardour in that case.
> Don't get me wrong, it would be a benefit to the developers and draw more
> attention to getting funding, which I do not think is a bad thing, but I do
> think that balancing that vs the needs of the desired users as well is a
> very important balance, and one that is better achieved by having things
> unrelated to the workflwo of the DAW stay outside of the DAW.

Exactly. Putting needless crap inside Ardour itself will make
it a worse DAW; then _less_ people will be willing to donate.


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