[Ardour-Dev] funding priorities

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sun Jan 18 21:02:13 PST 2009


I will try to put together a comprehensive list of all the suggestions 
in no particular order as they all have merit in their own way.

1: Grants
2: Mantis integration with website
3: Fundraiser
4: Mantis/website integration with Ardour interface: rss feed/ticker, 
embedded browser
5: Donate header on website
6: Made with Ardour CD
7: Ardour Live boot CD
8: Paid for SVN
9: Paid License to: disable crippled interface, Get access to more 
features, Disable RSS ticker
10: Glossy brochure for trade shows
11: Advertising in industry magazines
12: Celebrity endorsement
13: Approaching State run media companies with Ardour as a industry 
grade product.
14: Funding from a well resourced Patron
15: Funding from a Company in the entertainment/media business
16: More subscriptions
17: Subscriptions at different rates.

* Please respond to this thread with new or missed suggestions only.

* In order to make speedy headway we should split the items off into 
groups that can be discussed and dealt with in separate threads.

* IMO, Everything on this list except the 8 and 9 should are reasonable 
and should be put into action without delay. 8 and 9 require serious 
discussion before they any work is started.

* Once we have fine tuned the implementation details we can present the 
results for each item to Paul for his final approval.

* This way Paul can keep focused on his already busy schedule without 
having to worry about the finer details of the discussions. 

* If we can get the list above actioned in the next 6 months we should 
start to see substantial improvements in the financial situation.

* As usual we should try to keep on topic with each thread ;-) Although 
going off topic is half the fun anyway...


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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