[Ardour-Dev] configuration woes on OpenBSD

Hans Baier hansfbaier at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 00:35:10 PST 2009

2009/1/14 Jan Stary <hans at stare.cz>:
> On Jan 14 17:24:10, Hans Baier wrote:
>> Ah thanks.
>> I used ./autogen.sh, which failed (an m4 error and a lex error, and it
>> needed a ton of other dependencies, autotools and gtkdocize and......)
>> Just ./configure seems to work well.
> Good - so here we are back, confirmed that it's Ardour's
> scons who is broken. Anyone has an idea?

I fixed the problem by adding the following at line 876:

# Help OpenBSD find fftw
if config[config_kernel] == 'openbsd4.4':
        env.Append(CPPPATH="/usr/local/include", LIBPATH="/usr/local/lib")

then it complains about not being able to find liblo.
I turned that off with scons LIBLO=0
(OSC is not essential for running ardour)

Then it complains about not being able to find MIDI.
Currently scons only seems to support ALSA and OS X MIDI....

Maybe it is better to build Ardour-3.0 since it does not depend on
hardware MIDI support.
(Since it uses JACK MIDI).


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