[Ardour-Dev] Compiling 3.0 problem in gtk2_ardour/engine_dialog.o

Alessio Leonarduzzi alessio.leonarduzzi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 05:31:15 PST 2009

> > gtk2_ardour/engine_dialog.o: In function
> > `EngineControl::enumerate_alsa_devices()':
> > engine_dialog.cc:(.text+0x42f8): undefined reference to
> > `snd_ctl_card_info_sizeof'
> That looks suspiciously like the alsa library isn't properly installed
> - you may need libasound-dev, alsa-dev or similar package (it is
> alsa-lib-devel here).

no, I have installed all these packages:

alessio at desktop:~/Programmi/ardour/3.0$ sudo apt-cache search alsa | grep
lib64asound2-dev - ALSA library development files (64 bit)

libasound2-dev - ALSA library development files
libasound2-doc - ALSA library developer documentation
libmikmod2-dev - A portable sound library - development files
ladcca-dev - Development files for LADCCA
libalsa-ocaml-dev - OCaml bindings for the ALSA library
libalsaplayer-dev - PCM player designed for ALSA (interface library,
development files)
libbio2jack0-dev - oss/alsa to jack porting lib - development files
libbjack-ocaml-dev - OCaml blocking interface to jack audio connection kit
libclalsadrv-dev - Development file for libclalsadrv
liblash-dev - Linux Audio Session Handler (LASH) development files
liblo10k1-dev - ALSA emu10k1/2 patch-loader library development files
libopenal-dev - Software implementation of the OpenAL API (development
liby-dev - Y Sound Server Library Header Files
madfuload - Firmware loader for M-Audio DFU audio devices
midisport-firmware - Firmware loader for M-Audio's MidiSport devices
alsa-firmware - Contains firmware for ALSA devices - Medibuntu package

but the compiling stop at the same point
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