[Ardour-Dev] PD for Ardour

John Delaney a.pet.rock at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 11:29:11 PST 2009

Hello, I am new to this list and I'm sure that this topic has been
addressed, but I thought I might bring up the idea, and in my free
time work to implement it.
I know that people are working for midi control for ardour... but what
if it went a step further, what if PD was embedded in Ardour to
control all midi events... or an OSC and Jack bridge (which could be
inititiated by a button in Jack) was established between the two
programs to do the same thing...

A midi score window could be developed in PD that would serve as
Ardour's midi score, BPM and sound information could be passed between
the two programs.  A patch could be added to channels that would send
the data to the PD patch instantiated for the project which could
receive the audio feed at that point in the program.  Jack is being
implemented in PD as well as embedded open sound control.  I like the
idea of being able to put bangs on a midi score sheet that would
trigger PD patches running in the background.

This may be a ridiculous idea, but I think compelling, especially in
light of Max for Ableton.
I am new to programming, but excited about the possibilities of adding
cool things to make cool things that already exist even cooler.


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