[Ardour-Dev] Payed downloads for Ardourvst on GNU/Linux

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 19:09:50 PDT 2009

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 12:23 PM, Ray Rashif <schivmeister at gmail.com> wrote:

> Take a look at eLive. There is a mandatory donation needed for anyone to
> download the ISO. And I think it's working. Can it be done in a similar
> fashion eg. donate to download the source?

In some sense you are correct in some sense you are incorrect with this
statement.  While the stable version does technically require a donation, at
least on the website the plan is for the next stable version to be a free
download with a pay for installation.  Aside from that however the
development versions are still free as far as I am aware, and the download
stats are very much in favor of the development version, as far as I am
aware.  Thanatermesis is probably the only one that could say for certain if
the mandatory download is working for him though I suppose.

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