[Ardour-Dev] Strange clicks from 2.8

Olivier Doaré nolv at free.fr
Thu Apr 9 00:02:24 PDT 2009

I observe the same phenomenon in some projects: at a specific time a huge
click appears in various tracks (some of them with a region playing, some of
them without). It is specially anoying when there is reverb on these tracks.
Fortunaltely, it did not appear at export. So I decided to live with it. I
don't know if it can be an explanation, but, it seems to appear on old
projects that I started with ardour 0.9.
Best regards,

2009/4/9 Per Sigmond <per at sigmond.no>

> Hi.
> Am I nuts or what? I get very nasty clicks from ardour 2.8 at exactly 5
> minutes of a song. This happens when there are tracks there with sound on.
> Load the same song in 2.7.1 and everythings perfect. What's so special
> about 5
> minutes? I use 48khz sampling, jack-0.116.1, fc7, ccrma.
> Do other people get the same or should I see a doctor?
> Regards,
> Per.
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