[Ardour-Dev] moving meters (issue #2377)

Julian Squires julian at cipht.net
Tue Sep 16 09:23:28 PDT 2008


I recently uploaded a short patch for this issue, but as I mention in
the notes, I think that this isn't the complete fix.  It stops the
meter markers from flying off into hyperspace, but it seems that the
bar and beat calculation in lib/ardour/tempo.cc:bbt_time_with_metric
is not working correctly.  Looking at the debugging info while moving
around an odd meter, I see a lot of cases like this:

---- BBT time for 630968 using metric @ 427430 BBT 6|1|0
----    delta = 203538
---     meaning 1 xtra bars and 4.99999 xtra beats
-----    RETURN 7|5|1920

in a bar of 5/4, leading to displays (despite snap-to-bar) of things
like 7|5|00, or 8|1|1920, or other weird stuff.

Before I dig into hacking on this, I want to know if it's broken, or
if I'm just misunderstanding things (I certainly don't understand it
completely yet).


Julian Squires

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