[Ardour-Dev] Ardour fails to playback recorded audio with TAP EQ plugin

muadib at in.gr muadib at in.gr
Sun Oct 19 10:26:06 PDT 2008

I am running a compiled-from-source Ardour2.5 with Jack from a command line like this:

  jackd -R -p 512 -d alsa -d hw:1,0 -p 256 --hwmon

Now, I have a session with 2 mono tracks, that end up on a Master Track. Both tracks have 2-3 seconds of silence. What I did is:

1. I removed the silence by dragging the region's start, up to the point where the region starts with the useful part of the waveform.
2. I added the "TAP Equalizer"to each of the track's pre-fader insert.

When I try (with the plugins activated) to playback the session with the playhead being positioned BEFORE each region's beginning when I press 'play', I get nothing but silence. When I press 'play' when the playhead is inside the regions' range, I get audio normally.

However this isn't the case when the plugins are deactivated, audio playback is normal. The thing is, I even tried to export a WAVE file with plugins activated, and all I get is silence...

Who's guilty, your honour? ;)


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