[Ardour-Dev] My new 9652 and me...

muadib at in.gr muadib at in.gr
Wed Oct 15 16:49:14 PDT 2008

Hello guys,
I bought an 9652, and I am trying to make it work with Ardour, but unfortunately Ardour crushes.

Here's what I do:

1. I run jackd as: # jackd -R -d alsa -d plughw:1,0 -H -p 64

2. I try to load a Session in Ardour2, or create a new one. The result is : "JACK has either been shutdown or disconnected from ardour etc....", and a second window tha says: "programming error: AudioEngine::frame_rate() called while disconnected from Jack"

My box is on a P4 at 3GHz, 1Gb RAM, RME HDSP9652, 2 80GB HDDs, of which one has a 60GB partition specifically for audio, where I have my session.


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