[Ardour-Dev] Time to give FLAC some flak ??

Sakari Bergen sakari.bergen at tkk.fi
Tue Oct 7 00:31:46 PDT 2008

This is fixed in svn revision 3705 (6 weeks ago).
If you want to stay with a release, you should be able to apply this  
as a patch from the svn diff, since the commit only changes flac  
related libsndfile files.


Quoting John Emmas <johne53 at tiscali.co.uk>:

> Yesterday I inadvertantly managed to upgrade FLAC from its previous version
> (1.1.2) to the latest version (1.2.1).  Unfortunately, in between the two
> versions, FLAC's API has changed significantly.  Unless I've missed
> something (which is entirely possible) the author appears to have made
> little effort (in fact, no effort) to make the new API backwards compatible.
> This has pretty much broken anything that used to rely on the old API (such
> as Ardour 2.5, which I'm currently running).
> Fortunately, I'd only just made a complete backup of my hard drive so it's
> a trivial matter to return to what I had previously - but I just wondered if
> this is known about?
> Regards,
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