[Ardour-Dev] Need a 32 bit Ardour (with VSTs) on an x86_64 linux system

torbenh at gmx.de torbenh at gmx.de
Sun Nov 30 22:34:57 PST 2008

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 11:19:12PM -0500, Mike Mazarick wrote:
> My comments on VSTs and Paul's resulting reply on VSTs viability inside of
> Ardour was pretty clear on the utility of this direction (along with the
> lack of "I've tried it and it works great" testimonials).   I've already
> spent enough time in 'dependency hell' to take Paul's words of caution
> seriously (but, we all know compiling two target objects from the same
> source is difficult but not impossible, particularly on Fedora).  Here are
> the particular VSTs I was looking at implementing on a Ardour VST host:
> http://acousmodules.free.fr/acousmodules4_en.htm
> http://www.kvraudio.com/news/8247.html
> http://www.audioease.com/Pages/RocketScience/OrbitMain.html

well... i linked you to a complete solution including plugins which can
be used to automate stream positions from ardour.
But experimenting with these vsts might still be worth it thogh.
Some look quite interesting.

but hosting the plugins inside ardour would only be necesary if want to
automate them.

a simpler solution is just hosting the plugs outside of ardour ?
this gets you out of dependency hell.
Wait for the jack release, which is due today.
your 32bit ardour would not have worked with a 64bit jackd anyways.
(the next jack release is supposed to fix this)

(paul: commit the 32bit interop regression fix ;P)

i mail you my current fst version off list. it only depends on wine
and alsa and libjack.so. runs more plugs than the stuff used inside
ardour anyways.

alsa 32bit should already be installed for flash.

at least i could satisfy the dependencies using my package manager.
you need to build your 32bit version of libjack.so yourself.

CFLAGS="-m32" ./configure
cp libjack/.libs/libjack.so.0.0.28 /usr/lib32 

> Outside of these particular VSTs (or ones that work in a very similar
> fashion), I don't have a lot of interest in VSTs.  However, since it would
> do this community a lot of good to embrace them (IMHO), I thought I'd bring
> this topic up again, probably for the millionth time, but it's all new to
> me. 

as long as we have serious stability problems, when vsts are used inside
ardour, i dont think it would do this community good to embrace them.

> -Mike
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