[Ardour-Dev] Need a 32 bit Ardour (with VSTs) on an x86_64 linux system

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Sun Nov 30 18:25:17 PST 2008

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008, Mike Mazarick wrote:

> Terrific!   I got a reply from the 'master wizard' himself!!
> Paul Davis wrote:
>> Hah. For 6 months, I'm at the TU in berlin. The TU has the biggest WFS
>> system in the world (for now). 40 sources, 2700 speakers, powered by 16
>> computers, playback system = Ardour + JACK.
> The TU in Berlin is definitely the 'mothership' of what WFS is supposed to be.   Feel free to comment on whether the "stereo/5.1 on steroids" is really worth it or not.  I'm guessing it is, but it's really only a guess.   It's really ironic that a dude like me who only plays sax and Hammond organ with a mono PA for live gigs is working on a WFS system.   Maybe I've 'gone Disco/Electronica' in my senile old age.
>> no windows VST's in sight :)
> If I had any budget, I would prefer to do this the 'right' way instead 
> of the 'quick/free kludge' way.  However, I do like the basic underlying 
> idea of untrained people (musicians) hooking up software components as a 
> tool to produce something new for them.

Strange that it's harder to make VST's working in ardour today than 6 
years ago when the vstserver was still working. If someone just ported 
the vst->ladspa wrapper to dssi-vst, making special versions
of ardour wouldn't be necessary. (No, I don't have time to do that. :-))

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