[Ardour-Dev] importing legacy sessions

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Wed Nov 19 22:03:10 PST 2008

Quentin Harley wrote:
> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just out of interest is there a plan to add code to notify the user 
>> if they are importing a session created with an older version of 
>> ardour that will not be backwards compatible once saved?
>> I can look at this code too while I'm there if no one else is working 
>> on it.
>> The standard is to popup a confirm dialog before loading the session. 
>> It should be a quick fix.
> Now this sounds like an excellent idea.
> I thought this morning that if someone that knows the project 
> structure could write conversion code, say 0.99 to 3 and 2.x to 3 it 
> would be great (0.99 to 2.x) is also a problem for some of the users 
> on the 64 Studio forums.  They get around that by having 0.99 and 2.x 
> installed.

IIRC there was a script floating around that converted 0.99 to 2.0. It 
was in bash.

This kind of feature is a requirement in the closed source world because 
people pay money and want to have access to legacy projects. But it's 
really a pretty mundane job to code it so it should be something that 
people get paid to maintain.

I guess that's why it has slipped by for so long?

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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