[Ardour-Dev] .pot files?

Eivind meinmycell-lists at yahoo.no
Thu Nov 6 13:26:32 PST 2008


My Norwegian translation has been terribly off-track for a long time, for which I have a thousand equally bad excuses. I began work again today, but there must be something very basic I am missing. Please correct me if I'm wrong:

To my understanding, we normally translate software by opening a .pot file, translating the strings and saving our work as a my_language.po file. 

But I am unable to find a .pot file. I have already done some work I'd like to merge with the template file, but where is it? Does it exist? And if not, which file should I merge my tranlations with? This is a with a 2.0 branch svn checkout. Also, please say if you would rather have me work on the 3.0 branch.

Thanks in advance,

Eivind Ødegård,

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